The producers of Dinosaurs in the Wild today revealed that the new multimillion-pound hit attraction will be making its way to London from 12th February 2018.

After a successful launch at Birmingham’s NEC earlier this year, prior to moving on to Manchester’s EventCity this October, the show’s unique time machine will be set up on Greenwich Peninsula in London and will take families back an astonishing 67 million years to encounter amazing creatures like Tyrannosaurus rex roaming the wild.

Londoners will be immersed in an unforgettable experience that, for the very first time, will make them feel as though they are actually there – amongst the dinosaurs, in their world, at their time.

Dinosaur tourists are whisked by time machine to join scientists at an extraordinary research station – TimeBase 67 – which has been built on the Late Cretaceous plains 67 million years ago.

On the ultimate voyage of discovery, they drive with their guides through lumbering herds of dangerous dinosaurs, watch a dinosaur autopsy, witness hatchlings emerging from eggs, plunge their hands into dinosaur poo, and visit a lookout, with panoramic views of the teeming prehistoric life in every direction..

The Creative Director of Dinosaurs in the Wild, Tim Haines, was the award-winning producer of the BBC TV series Walking with Dinosaurs, seen by 800 million globally.

Tim says, “After the huge crowds for Dinosaurs in the Wild in Birmingham, and the anticipation we’re already seeing for our move to Manchester in October, we’re thrilled to announce that Londoners will now be able to time-travel too.

“It’s a completely new kind of immersive experience, in which we use the latest technology to make it feel like you really are there in that world, with the dinosaurs all around you.”

Producer Jill Bryant comments, “We were keen to create an attraction that truly astonishes visitors when they come face to face with the dinosaurs. The feedback from our audiences in Birmingham has been wonderful and there are now many, many children who truly believe they have travelled back in time and seen real, living dinosaurs!”

Over a hundred artists, technicians and other industry specialists worked to create the unique experience. It weaves together high-tech audiovisual effects, animatronics and live-action theatre to allow visitors to experience the prehistoric world in a way that has never been possible before.

The 70-minute adventure vividly reveals dinosaurs as they really were. Far from being green and scaly creatures, experts now believe that many were colourful and had feathers and fuzz.

Co-producer Bob Deere says, “Everything in the experience is based on the very latest science, so as well as being fun, it is highly educational. Children have the time of their lives, but they learn a lot about dinosaurs too, and so do their parents. I’m positive it will continue to be a wonderful family event on Greenwich Peninsula.”

Dinosaurs in the Wild opens its doors in London on Monday 12th February 2018 on Greenwich Peninsula, just a few minutes from North Greenwich Underground station.

Tickets to Dinosaurs in the Wild can be pre-booked from 10am on 31st August 2017 at www.dinosaursinthewild.com and start from £25 for Advanced Off-peak adult tickets and £85 for Advanced Off-peak family tickets (2 adults and 2 children).

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